VetScore - modernizing the way service members prepare for their VA claims.

You bring your records, we supply the expertise and technology, and together we'll make them accurate and ready for your VA disability claim. All at a fraction of current market costs!

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The Problem

While the VA offers a range of benefits, the eligibility and claims processes are often confusing and demoralizing. Outdated and inaccurate service treatment records (STRs) lead to denied claims, financial hardships, and prolonged wait times to receive benefits.

Military members are forced to choose between these four most common options:

Veteran Service Organizations

They rely on Veteran Service Organizations, which offer no cost services, are well-meaning, but often under-resourced and inconsistent services.

Private Companies

They turn to companies that provide well-resourced and reliably professional services, yet are prohibitively expensive and profit-driven.

Going It Alone

They attempt to self-educate through Reddit, Facebook, and other social media sites. While cost effective, this option is vunerable to missing or under-rated health issues.

Giving Up

The most devastating option, they withdrawal and walk away completely never receiving the benefits they have earned.

The Solution

VetScore reimagines when service members begin thinking and caring about their health, wellness, and medical records starting on day one of military service. It allows currently serving military members to manage, monitor continuously, and, most importantly, correct their military medical records from the start of their military service at a fraction of the cost for a lawyer or accredited agent.

VetScore enables currently serving military members to create a custom VA Disability Portfolio, similar to a person’s financial portfolio, that can be managed throughout a career, whether it is a four-year enlistment, a military academy five and dive, or a 20-year military career.

VetScore FAQs

  • VetScore's software is dedicated to proficiently managing, surveying, and updating service treatment records starting from the beginning of service members' careers. The product, envisioned to cultivate a VA Disability Portfolio reminiscent of a financial one, equips service members with the tools to ensure their records provide an accurate reflection of their health history and prospective disability claims. This approach ensures up-to-date medical records and optimizes initial ratings, establishing a new standard in veteran support. VetScore’s proprietary software eliminates the pain points associated with preparing to file a VA disability claim, with a user-friendly design that streamlines the preparation process.

  • We chose not to modify the existing system but to begin from scratch, reevaluating the underlying issue. We discovered that by encouraging military personnel to proactively manage their health and service records, employing contemporary technology, we could significantly enhance support for veterans while substantially reducing costs.

  • Pricing will be set to incentivize people who start early to help us maintain their records over time. We are committed to making this service affordable to all veterans.

  • In order to be eligible for VetScore, all of these must be true:
    ▪ You’re a service member on full-time active duty (including a member of the National Guard, Reserve, or Coast Guard)
    ▪ You separation date is not in the next 6 months.

  • We encourage veterans to use all resources available to them, particularly no cost or low cost options. We've discovererd that having your records accurate during your initial claim is paramount. At the same time, we know that when you go it alone there's a very high chance you will miss some health issues and others will be under-rated.

  • VetScore organizes military members' Service Treatment Records (STRs) into a simple and easy to follow portfolio. We detail checklists to ensure STRs are updated with accurate health issues, contain the proper diagnoses, and align with VA-preferred language. Finally, we help package your portfolio for submitting necessary forms to the VA.

  • VetScore is NOT an accredited agent, VSO, attorney, or entity recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and is not affiliated with the VA in any way. VetScore also does NOT assist veterans with the preparation, presentation, or prosecution of VA disability claims for VA benefits.