About VetScore

VetScore was founded by four lifelong friends with diverse experiences as combat veterans, successful entrepreneurs, software developers, and proud sons of Vietnam Veterans. Exhausted with the status quo, we came together to solve crucial problems in the defense industry by leveraging strategy and technology. Our passion for modernizing the way service members and veterans learn about and interact with the VA benefits ecosystem is rooted in a deep respect for all those who have served their county.

Our Values

At VetScore, we conduct our operations with the same unwavering integrity with which we’ve lived our lives and served our country.

No one doubts that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers many benefits, from healthcare to education to disability compensation. However, understanding and navigating the eligibility requirements and processes for each can be daunting, demoralizing, and defeating.

Let’s be clear on two important points: First, VetScore is committed to maintaining our integrity above all. Second, we will not support any effort to unfairly benefit from the VA system.

Our goal is not to achieve a 100% disability rating for all veterans. Instead, VetScore is dedicated to accurately documenting service treatment records (STR) to reflect a veteran’s genuine health condition, aiming to secure the disability rating they deserve.

The VetScore Team

Nelson Rouleau

Marcus Smith

Rob Smith

Michael Prichard